Monday, May 14, 2012

New Blog

So I've gone ahead and done it. I'm making a professional blog to track whatever academic achievements, goals, projects and the like I'm working on or have (temporarily) finished.

My name is Thomas Riley and I'm currently teaching in the Social Sciences Department at Shawnee State University at Portsmouth, Ohio. I started teaching at SSU back in 2006 as an adjunct instructor who was covering some spare Sociology and Psychology courses. Over the years I've been able to dabble in Criminology, as well as Gender Studies with a good portion of 'Intro' and what I'm calling 'Advanced Intro' courses.

Just recently, I completed teaching seven, yes SEVEN, courses this past semester; six sections of Introduction to Sociology and one section of Social Institutions (an advanced intro course). 

This summer I will be teaching Gender Socialization and Appalachian Sociology which are both Junior-Level courses. WOOT!

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